Better Communication at Work

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Employees often worry about the quality and quantity of work communication. Some claim that management is only a gift to open communication, but it does not really communicate with them. Others claim that their organization believes that publishing on billboards and sending reminders will provide adequate communication.

Communication is not over when you finish the message!

Others say it is difficult to follow the vague instructions. Ineffective communication often results in poor collaboration and coordination, reducing productivity, voltage currents, rumors and rumors, as well as increased traffic and absenteeism.

first Understand that communication is a two-way street. This includes providing information and employee feedback. It was not completed after the information was provided.

2nd Greater emphasis should be placed on personal communication with employees. Do not rely primarily on billboards, reminders, and other written communications.

3rd Ask yourself to give all the instructions if the message is clear. Most of the uncertainty is caused by the fact that it was not specific. Example: Do not just tell the employee to "get more interested" in his work. If an employee is spending too much time talking to others, then this is the case.

4th The information is regarded as a "service" for employees and not "power".

5th Listen to the staff; they show respect to them when they speak. They will feel like part of the team and will tend to be more committed and productive. One way: Ask questions to clarify interests and points.

6th Do not just talk with open doors. Practice walking and talking to employees. Let people disagree and find new ideas.

7th Make a meeting. Ask all staff to tell you how to help her get a better job. Then how can it help you do a better job.

8th They often make publications. Emphasize the current issues of employee concerns; does not replace the quarterly "nicer" publications for financial, up-to-date.

ninth Focus on employee creditworthiness. Managers who lack credibility and do not create the atmosphere of trust and openness did not believe it, no matter how difficult it was to communicate.

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