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In all our relationships, be it intimate or business communication, it is crucial that the relationship moves in the right direction. Sometimes during the conversation it is important to make sure that you understand the speeches. What I understand is our own perception of the sound. If you learn to ask the right questions, yours may be to avoid misunderstanding. A good example of what I mean: Remember the game phone you played as a kid? Someone whispered a sentence into the person's ear next to him and this line went down until the last person said aloud. It's never the same as the original.

It is important not only to ask the right questions during listening, but to give them guidance to ask questions to understand them. Nobody likes to settle, and if everyone is to practice this communication art, mistakes can be avoided.

Some Good Questions and Findings:

1. Do you have any questions about the project?

2nd I'm sure I gave clear instructions, please, repeat it to me? If you have a group setting, ask everyone to hear it.

3rd I just want to make sure that I understand what you want, repeat what you've heard, to ask if it's right.

The most important thing is never to be accused. All that makes a person come to the corner and the only thing a person will do when a fight comes to the corner. In these cases, it is better to tell the person how you feel about the sentences you say.

Remember anything else, this technique requires time and practice. Finally, he overcomes his old communication habits in practice. One more thing to keep in mind is never to be angry. It is better to step down and calm down, take a deep breath and combine your thoughts and words. Then you can approach the subject with a better perspective.

We are all different from communication and perception. The above can only be communicated more effectively in only a few ways. Try it for a while and see that all the connections do not improve, while improving the level of stress.

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