Communication is oxygen

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Do you often wonder what is the key to successful relationships? While many things contribute to the success of a relationship, one thing that stands out is communication. She was shocked when her partner was sitting in my office and none of them spoke. As I count down the layers that made them meet a contact person, I often hear that we are not communicating.

Without your communication, you have all your relationships. Communication is indeed the art of investment. When the conversation takes time, we share our lives with another. I'm not talking about sitting on the couch while they both run on their phone. I'm talking about real intimate exchanges. I can not think of a long-term couple I've met in my practice (or in my personal life) who did not have time or time to move on. Without being an island.

When did you last talk to your partner like this was the first time? In other words, when did we leave questions about our hopes, dreams, fears and desires? So many of us are getting in touch with the simple part. We may think that it is hard, but in reality, freshly kept and moved is often the tough part. But the truth is, you do not have to.

True communication does not require much work. In fact, you can reach half an hour a week. Much better, but steadily in the active silence, greater intimacy and less misunderstanding will open, which will consolidate the relationship. Proactive is the best way for reactive conversations. And when we react, we often defend ourselves. And I think we all agree that we are trying to clear the confusion before it becomes suspicious. Because when someone starts to suspect, they turn their heads in the worst case. And even if they are wrong, if we can give them some peace then why do not we want to do this?

Let's look different. With the help of analogy that the relationship is a living being, communication is the oxygen that keeps it alive. Thus, if there is no oxygen, the connection dies. Or the second scenario {which pair into my office}, someone in the relationship, so that they do not feel the oxygen deprived, is looking for another source of oxygen. This is a harmless flirtation. Maybe a causal work for lunch. Soon, jokes, text, and bloom will grow and tell them the problems that are in their relationship. Guess. Infidelity has not happened yet. But it's on the corner.

If the above sequence is used in relationship dependency, we will certainly see that flirting, writing, jokes, and lunches are all a form of communication. Or, in other words, they build intimacy. And that's my point. It takes very little time to stay in touch. The question we have to ask is whether we deserve to be in intimate relationships? If so, are we prepared to invest in true communication?

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