Conference call in the prison system

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It is widely known that conferencing services are intensively used in different sectors, but can prisons and detention facilities also benefit?

India looks like you think so.

In the western Indian state of Maharashtra, a network of fourteen prisons was attempted by the prisons with great success. In fact, not many experiments such as videoconferencing rooms first began in 2005.

Officials in the local government have identified two key factors in implementing the conference solution:

  • Reducing costs with fewer police escorts
  • Security was also an important factor as detainees generally required greater surveillance during travel, thereby increasing the likelihood of difficulties . Another factor was the difficulty of administering prisons. For example, female prisoners who had to be physically moved needed the women's security guards. The availability of transport vehicles had to be completed well before, as well as many other tasks. Video conferencing has minimized these problems.

    But India is not the only country.

    A local democratic lawmaker, Ben Sherrer of Oklahoma, intends to introduce laws that allow the use of videoconferencing in certain criminal cases in the city. It is a fact that 21 such systems have been set up throughout the state, especially in cases of words and forgiveness. The most important benefits were cost savings and security improvements.

    Maryland Correction Officers are also considering installing similar systems that allow detainees to make judicial appearances and medical visits and more effectively. One interesting use of technology would be to allow the family members of prisoners a "virtual" visit.

    Although the prison system is usually not the first thought that recalls the video conferencing technology, it increasingly becomes part of local jurisdictions, such as cost reduction and security enhancement for all concerned.

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