Effective communication tips for managers and supervisors

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I recently read a 2001 study that contained about 20,000 quit interviews. One of the most important results of the study was that poor supervisors' communication skills were one of the drivers of poor supervisory behavior that left people behind. And I think today there is a lot of evidence that there are many who have been supported in the management and supervisory positions without proper communication skills and therefore cause many dysfunctional behaviors in many workplaces.

Okay coach, what do you write to take care of the bad communication skills of managers and supervisors? Well, the strategically-minded business trainer wants thirteen (13) powerful communication tips to share with them and others in the workplace. Here are:

1. You have to become an effective listener. And you will learn how to "hear" what people say to you.

2nd Regular 1-on-1 meetings with people working with you. And give them full attention when they meet them.

3rd Describe the core values ​​of your company or organization on a consistent basis in what you do when communicating with your employees and their oversight and management.

4th Make sure you make special efforts to ensure that all acquaintances are familiar with those who need to know and on time. For performance features, this means that they need to communicate well with them before the annual performance evaluation.

5th Talk about personal and delicate things personally, preferably face to face or, if necessary, by phone rather than via email.

6th Ensure the confidentiality of communication, if this is appropriate and necessary.

7th Learn how to communicate effectively with staffing teams.

8th Get active feedback from your colleagues and co-workers about your own communication.

ninth Be eye contact with the person or people in communication.

10th Send a consistent message with your words; hand gestures match the face and tone with your message.

eleventh Keep yourself in the present, in your feelings, understand each other and find the solution.

12th Ask for help if you need it.

13th Practice, Practice, Practice Communication Capabilities

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