Introduction to web conferencing

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Web conferencing and conference calling are becoming a popular way of meeting business meetings. The cost of travel may be hundreds of miles away just to close the deal, nowadays it is pretty much the same. Companies quickly realize that there is another way to do things. And so connect with your business partner online.

Your favorite online conference service provider can easily link you to a service that allows you and your organization to hold online meetings within hours. From web conferencing resources to software that is included in a virtual meeting, technology is really shocking and transforming business. The impact on international business is only significant in itself. Many companies have now come up with savings simply because they have decided to hold online meetings instead of taking over executives nationwide or worldwide.

Imagine being able to convene the meeting and then invite a colleague who is currently in the position, say, Africa. He is in the US and needs to scratch or call for a visit to the facility he oversees.

No longer. Connect a high-speed Internet source and talk to it in real-time with video and audio.

No wonder that so many businesses work this way. Find out how the online conference can do it and see how it transforms the business.

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