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Participants from all over the world can now breathe a hint of relief – during a meeting, a slipping through a computer screen has become a thing of the past! While possible (yet inconvenient) work is done, modern technology has been saved.

Audio Conference and Web Conferencing team interact and interact with each other in real time and Timbuktu.

Both audio conferencing and web conferencing offer a comprehensive portfolio of features that vary from your business provider.

Typical audio conferencing features include (but not limited to):

  • 24/7 Operator Help [19659006] Keyboard Shortcuts with dial-out access
  • , 19659006] Fast and Simple Scheduling Through Outlook
  • h
  • Local and International Access Points
  • Online Recording, Reports and Preferences
  • Online Recording, Reports and Preferences
  • Both the reservation and the unreserved conference
  • to silence and silence the participants, add sub conferences and recordings at the touch of a button for future playback.
  • Personalized Shots

  • Skill upload and present themselves
  • Meet up to thousands of people
  • Talking Speakers to Speak Speakers
  • Chat and Controls
  • Voice Control features voice control including custom muting, disconnection and volume
  • Application Interaction
  • Real-Time Query and Q & A Meeting
  • Post-Discussion Reports
  • Interactive Markup Tools
  • What do you need to add to your add-on to your account at 3000 miles? There is no need to sit in traffic to get to the airport, to go through security, baggage, and so on. Spoken, flying at every distance and paying from a hotel room just to find out. With web conferencing solutions, such as Microsoft Office Live Meeting, you can be the hero of the company through PGi. It saves thousands of dollars on travel costs and countless hours, working with your in-house team in real time, with interactive note tools and application sharing. No pre-registration is required and you can gather a meeting report for the duration of the conference. It really is so simple! Do not believe us? Call our professional account managers today and walk through it.

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