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The net conference is a fairly new tool that is widely used in the business sector. There are still many net conferences that are unknown or unfamiliar to users or who are thinking of trying a net conference. After seeing all the great features of the net conference, you will immediately understand why it's so fast and widely used.

One of the best things in the net conference is to allow people to get together no matter where they are. This is the whole promise of this kind of conferences. You can assemble people who can be found all over the world. Everyone is involved in real time so you can all attend the meeting.

Another thing in the netconference is that it allows for easy forwarding of information. Every participant needs a computer with Internet access. Everyone can enter the conference and participate. The host can easily transmit many things through this platform.

As for the features of the net conference, many people talk. Below we will review the popular services that really allow you to use a net conference.

Slide Shows – Presentations made using PowerPoint or other slide show programs can be easily integrated into the conference. The host can use the mouse pointer to guide the participants through the slide. With traditional conference settings, the best advantage is that everyone can see the slides directly on the computer screen.

Video – Video is another easy-to-use tool. You can use live or streaming video for the conference. Participants will receive the video feed clearly and quickly. This may be useful if the participants need to show evidence or other elements that can not be displayed through other media.

VoIP – The conference not only includes the projected information, but also the voice. With VoIP, participants can talk to the computer in real time, even though they are computer speakers. With this, you can feel in a traditional environment.

Tours – Web site tours can be easily accomplished through net conferencing. You can lead them through the tour to return to the site and use the mouse pointer over the site. At the same time, participants can interact on the web site on their own.

Recording – Simplifies the conference, as this is typically an embedded feature of the established Internet conference. It will be the permanent protocol of the conference, including the interaction of all participants. This is a great reference or something for those who could not attend the actual conference.

Polls and Surveys – With the help of the conference, you can easily send surveys or surveys to participants who can respond individually. This is a great way to track people's thinking or questions so they can address these issues at the conference.

This is just a few of the main features of the network conference. It is easy to see the benefits of this type of conferences. You will soon be able to integrate net conference activity into your business using all of these features, saving you time and money, and making the conference more effective and efficient.

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