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Before we discuss what to do and what to do in an audio multiline call, we can first read here what is audio conferencing. The caller initiates an audio conference call and the participants listen to the conversation. Audio conferencing is usually used for trainings, seminars, or executive meetings. But not every audio conference call is done perfectly, some are cut off, the line is unclear, and there are unpleasant sounds in the background.

Here are some tips for what to do and what to do in a loud multiline call:

1. Call me in a quiet place.

When playing audio conference calls from home, pets and children, it is best to take the most suitable place in the house. So it will not be difficult for participants to listen to and talk. If for some reason you can not find a quiet place, you can use the mute function of the phone when you are not talking.

2nd As far as possible, do not call with a cell phone

Using a mobile phone to make a voice conference is a bad idea. The mobile phone gives so many background noise and does not mention the static. But if that's what you are, you still use the mute function, if you do not talk, it will less focus on the participants' side. And do not call if you're driving.

3rd Always have time to schedule a call

. It is not good if others are waiting while catching up in lost time, especially when you are the one who will continue the audio multi-line call. Every time is important.

4th Avoiding Call Waiting

When placing a call on hold, attendees will especially call attention to when the phone is hearing a beep or music. The concentration of participants is interrupted and difficult to catch up if you do not focus. If you need to leave it and not sure when to join the audio conference call, it's better to be ready.

5th Avoid using cordless phones

Wireless phones are in front of static noise; This happens when it is out of range or there is a device that interferes with the phone. This is not the best tool for managing audio conferencing.

6th Do not do other things when you're in an audio conference call

When you talk, do not do other things than browsing, typing and the like, because the other participants hear. Especially if the phone's sound quality is good, the sound will be very loud.

7th Be careful when the phone is muted or not

There are a number of cases where other participants have forgotten to turn on the phone and a negative comment is given to the other participant. This is the worst experience in an audio conference call. When you have finished the conversation, put the phone on mute, then put it back when you are ready to talk. What you can do, this is the first time you join an audio multi-line call so you can practice this, so you will not experience such embarrassing goals.

These are simple tips that anyone can follow to run smooth gliding audio conferencing.

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