Overview of video conferencing

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The concept

Video conferencing allows two or more people on site to bidirectionally simultaneously with audio and video capabilities. To set up video conferencing, you need a PC, webcam, microphone, and broadband connection. Video conferencing allows users to have natural conversations through each other's eyesight and listening. The videoconferencing of two people is known from a point of view, while more than two people are known as multi-point conferences.


Video conferencing benefits a lot, especially as a cost-effective communication tool that allows users, primarily companies, to save money and money. People now have more business or meetings with two or more people without leaving their office. This eliminates the need to travel to distant places to meet with someone. By facilitating communication through videoconferencing, meetings can be set up more regularly and people can keep upgrading. In a given project, it also works in a group collaboration. It is also a tool for conducting interviews, presentations, and employees. Video conferencing can be used not only for business purposes. It is also used in medical, legal and educational fields.

How It Works

Generally, there are three options for creating a video conference: a computer system, a desktop system, and a studio-based system. The computer system is the cheapest way to videoconferencing. The desktop system, however, improves the quality of audio and video transmission because the computer has a dedicated hardware installed. The most expensive method is the studio-based system, but this is expected because it offers the best quality of video conferencing. Mostly it is used at large corporations and universities. The studio-based system is a room with control systems, document viewers, head cameras, viewers and slide viewers. The basic elements of videoconferencing are camera, video device, loudspeaker and microphone.

The video conferencing software includes a compressor interface that helps compress information while transferring audio and video. This is needed because transmission takes place quickly and in real time. Computer and high-speed Internet connectivity are a prerequisite for successful video conferencing.

According to the video conferencing needs, video conferencing is a good option as a reliable and excellent communication method.

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