The advantages and disadvantages of conference calls

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As businesses appreciate the type of conference call they need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each. In this article, we evaluate and compare the three main types of conference calls, including audio, web, and video conferencing.

For most companies, the biggest advantage is that they opt for audio or web conferencing during video conferencing, is the cost. Audio conferencing offers the cheapest. In practice, when selecting an audio conference, only the cost of the phone and then the long distance call cost. Many companies already have built-in handsfree phones, and if not, they can be purchased for up to $ 100.

However, there are also disadvantages in selecting audio conferencing. The first special disadvantage is that businesses lose personal relationships when all they hear is the voice of a colleague. Jokes and comments may be on the wrong track or be considered a crime if the people concerned can not see the smile of the face of the facial expression. Another disadvantage of audio conferencing is that the quality of the call decreases as additional locations are added. If more than one party is involved, there are two chances that two people will speak at the same time, they are great and none of them will think about their thoughts.

Web conferencing also offers rewards and shortcomings. While the web conferencing may be free, it is generally the interest of companies to pay a little more to avoid annoying advertisements and popups. Web conferencing is particularly useful for business calls that include viewing digital files, as these files can be sent instantly to all parties concerned by email. Documents can be viewed, analyzed and sent back, so you can discuss it at the same time, not waiting and posting or more phone calls. Web conferencing allows more than one person to speak or write at one time, without listening to it.

Like all kinds of conference calls, there are disadvantages of web conferencing. One of the backs is that it is again hard to judge a person's seriousness or humor in a comment. There is no personality in the typed sentence. It is also difficult for those who have the technology uncomfortable to use the web conferencing efficiently.

Finally, the biggest advantage of video conferencing is that it has a visual relationship with other participants. During video conferencing, callers can view each other on the TV and listen to each other through the loudspeaker system. Associates listen to each other's voice, give voice to the face and learn each other's jokes and comments. From a financial point of view, the costs of videoconferencing are fairly slightly higher for the equipment concerned. If the equipment does not qualify as good quality, it may also be limited because the video feed may be intermittent or delayed. Whatever the type of business change, all types of conference calls are up and down.

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