Training of Communication Skills – What You Need to Know

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Communication skills training should serve multiple goals. You need to teach the skills you need in almost every situation. I say almost every situation because there are encounters that are in life where the smart thing is to run. Even martial arts schools teach … "

Fortunately, most of the challenges you face in your life are not part of the conversation.

So what is good communication skills training? One of the most important things to deal with what you want to say What is your aim or is you leaving the interaction? This conversation After you have created this, you can go to the next phase …

Which is the best "state" you can connect to the other person, you might be curious about what the state is about.

Sleep just physical, mental, and obviously, if you want to discuss a debt problem with a banker, then it would not be useful in the angry state … Openness and understanding about how to work together to solve financial issues can prove useful.

You would also like to have a good faith and understanding with those you want to connect to. You can do so with an agreement framework. ie if x is done then it means that y will happen.

Relationships and mirrors can be built with rapport skills such as chestnut, hearing, and visual contact.

Rapport is the fastest way to reach your trust and understanding with those you communicate with.

It may be useful in a relaxed state as this will affect how you feel. This can be done with a relaxation anchor, which is varied by what Pavlov did to his dogs (Minus the bell, though I think you could use a bell if you really wanted to.)

The next thing a good communication skills course teaches is the problem. This means that "who is not happy now"

The cause of the problem is because this knowledge will determine what strategies it will use to solve the problem.

There are many such strategies.

These include messages and reflective listening. These are the skills you will use when you have a problem.

When the other person is in possession of the problem, he or she needs contact and skill, and applies a problem-solving strategy. Reflective silence is extremely good. And if properly used, the other person solves their own problem, which is really cool, as that means you do not have to.

If both have their own problems, they need completely different communication skills. These include
victory over winning conflict resolution; the influencing values; modelling; and counseling.

can view them at once.

Values ​​influence where they are looking for the values ​​that they can share, so there is a common ground to begin resolving differences. You can also control the other person by knowing how important your values ​​are for you and by demonstrating that you are working for you …

What leads to the next qualification, which is modeling.

Modeling in the context of communication skills simply means that we are walking through the conversation. You show your values ​​and behavior patterns, and hopefully the other person will be inspired enough to change their behavior so that they can both live with it.

There are two other things you can do when challenging someone else's behavior.

The first is this counseling, which essentially means being a well-trained expert and hiring. It is so complicated to enter here, as it is the subject of a four-day communication skills training. If you get these two things you will have the chance to be an adviser.

The last thing you can do, if everything else fails, will change the relationship.

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