Video Conferencing: Choose a camera that is best for you

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When you're talking about video conferencing, you probably have a webcaster planted on a computer or monitor that captures the image and sends it to the world. While webcams are most commonly used by online conference participants, digital camcorder work is also available. The webcam or digital video camera you choose depends on your needs. Here are some aspects to consider when choosing.


Nowadays webcams are $ 20 and go up to $ 150. The difference between high resolution cameras and launch cameras is generally due to the quality of the displayed image.

First, see the resolution of the camera. Ideally, you need to have a webcam that can create at least 640×480 resolution.

Check to see how many pixels the camera can handle. In video conferencing, the ideal level is 30 frames per second (fps).

Finally you can find out what sensor the camera is using. Better web cams use CCD instead of CMOS. Remember that most webcams are connected to a computer via a USB cable.

Digital Video Cameras

For even better results (sharper and faster images) you can use digital video cameras. These are the same tools they use to capture home movies, etc. Digital camcorders are as low as $ 250 and can even reach thousands of dollars. To use a digital video camera, make sure your device supports USB or Firewire output and can be used as a webcam and online applications.

Whether a webcam or a digital video camera depends on the type of conference you are doing

If you meet in a way that the video quality is not important, then a lower webcam will probably suffice. However, if you need quality video, you need a higher quality webcam or even a digital video camera.

When set up in a conference room where more people are needed on a camera, the digital video camera with digital / tilt / pan / zoom functionality works best

Firewire digital video cameras provide images that are so beautiful to watch the clocks overwhelming part. You can also view the products and items that ordinary webcams simply can not provide. This is because firewire better handles video processing than USB, so smoother images and better quality.

If you are buying a webcam, check out Logitech products. They are one of the leaders in this area and there are many models. They offer great products at a reasonable price. Thanks to digital camcorders, Canon offers you the best choice and high quality tools

So consider your needs and budgets, then find the right webcam or digital video camera.

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