What is Microsoft Lync and what can it do?

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Microsoft bridges the gaps in business communication for those who work faster and smarter. MS Lync's customers, corporate-ready unified communications platforms, claim that over 2.5 million pounds of savings have been reported to 1,000 employees – for at least six months.

This is because the purpose of Microsoft's unified communications solutions such as Lync is to combine independent communication activities. By coordinating separate channels, it increases responsiveness, improves customer service, and saves you instant cost savings.

What is Microsoft Lync?

Microsoft Lync is a popular Microsoft unified communications solution of any size that works with the convergence of new and advanced office equipment. Making communication, such as text, voice call or IM, makes it more difficult and time-consuming to use communication paths

Too many individual activities slow down employees, take advantage of missed opportunities and mean the time needed to make important decisions longer, more complicated and frustrating. Connects and transmits all MS Lync communication channels; video, web and audio conferencing, voice, mobile, IM and voicemail to ensure continuous operation.

This so-called "cross communication" means that when you send a message through a medium, you can eventually get this information to another, so information always touches the recipient more quickly and accesses them through the most appropriate means.

One of the best things about Microsoft's unified communication is that you do not have to be an IT expert to install, use, or maintain, deploy, and receive fast and easy. Even small businesses can benefit from MS Lync, as it does not require a large IT department to run.

Three different solutions exist with Microsoft Lync – either installed on the site or running the best from the outside – all in dependence on business needs and resources. A reputable Microsoft unified communications service provider will be able to help you make the best decision for your needs.

MS UC allows users to work faster and smarter if they provide real-time access to presence information, audio or video conferencing, and interface. The desktop client can be used for both Windows and Mac, as well as Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices

Works with the convergence and enhancement of the following devices:

• IM and presence including photos, and the location as well as instant messaging options

• Video Conferencing – Users can create and join audio, video, or web conferencing with a single click

• Enterprise Voice – combines IP Phone and UC Platform with dedicated access to VoIP and phone services

• Office Integration – As a Microsoft product, Lync is the best UC platform on the market for Microsoft Office and synchronization of applications.

• Mobile Apps – Employees can use the same desktop and UC systems wherever they are in the world for applications designed for mobile applications, such as smartphones or tablets

MS Lync 2010 [19659002] Microsoft Lync Communications customers reported on average:

• Reduced travel expenses averaged 20-40%

• Messaging Costs 50-80%

• Reduced construction costs by 30-40% for remote working methods

• Reduced bills for phone and audio conferencing by 20 to 40% for VoIP capabilities

Finding MS Lync's Service Provider

Accessing your access to resources is always a risky business decision if you have not yet considered other unified communications solutions. Talk to independent professionals to better understand your position and requirements and make MS Lync the best solution for you. For more information, visit the Elite Telecom web site.

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