What is video conferencing?

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The cause of the connection may be personal, business, scientific, etc. The videoconference was first installed by AT & T in the early 1970s with Picturephone technology.

Enables live sharing of videos and audio while allowing resources to be shared and simultaneously on documents, spreadsheets, 3D objects, images, etc. It's a job.

Physical presence is not always possible, leave it for personal, business reasons. Videos where video conferencing is such a great help. Without having to be physically present at every meeting, you can make yourself available in different locations around the world. It is like physical meetings personally, conferences can take different forms for a head-to-head meeting where two people work to solve the problem for an official meeting where few people work with a project.

There are basically two types of video conferencing calls:

  • Point to Point – A simple call that is only two parties / studios, without intermediate devices.
  • Multipoint – where multiple studios are involved. This call needs a centralized multipoint control unit (MCU) called the "bridge" to operate as the center of communication. During video conferencing, the image is switched between locations according to the current site's audio signal, in the continuous presence & # 39; all the participating sites will be shown by distributing the page to smaller frames.

The essential tools for video conferencing are as follows:

  • PC / laptop with high speed Internet connection
  • High quality webcam that can be connected via a data cable to your computer. The webcam is usually built-in laptops.
  • Good sound input / output device, which is mostly built in.

A number of companies deliver the leading video conferencing facilities for LifeSize, Polycom, RADVISION, and Tandberg. Globalization is the current trend, so the need for people to meet regularly from different parts of the world is very common. This is where the VC comes to rescue and allows people from different corners of the world to get in touch as if they were sitting next to each other.

Video conferencing can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Immediate personal communications from all corners of the world
  • Live Interviews and Records
  • Various Advisory Services
  • Training Goals for Multinational Corporations
  • Conferences Worldwide Research,
  • Advantages

    Video conferencing largely helps [19659007] Time Saves Because it Reduces Travel Time

  • Reducing costs as there is no need to physically travel from one location to another to the next
  • Faster and Better Decision Making
  • Immediate Sharing of Knowledge, Data
  • Increases Productivity and Repair Communications.
  • There are some things that need to be taken into account during video conferencing

    • Getting to know the device
    • Troubleshooting for any breakdown
    • Real time updating of the equipment
    • Preparing Articles
    • Ensuring the Needs of People Without Meeting Participants
    • Ensure that the conference time is suitable for everyone as the Muti Point Conference would involve different time zone countries

    Video conferencing is "everything" these days, and will certainly become more popular in the coming years. Videoconferencing leading companies are BT, Mvision and Video Nations, etc.

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