What is video conferencing?

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Video Conferencing is a method by which people in different locations communicate in real-time with two or more people at different locations via video. This ability to hear distant listeners has many advantages over audio conferencing.

Video conferencing is widely used in all industries. Multinational companies are used to communicate with international branch offices, while smaller companies use videoconferencing to allow them to cooperate with customers and suppliers in different countries.

The video conferencing equipment is easy to handle. You can use the on-screen menus to enter the number you want to call or to select it from an address book. Days passed when video conferencing required special technicians – now everyone in your office can show you how to call a 10-minute training session.

Video conferencing can not be considered "black and white" – it will always be necessary to find customers or partners, especially at an important early stage of building relationships. If the videoconferencing win, you can maintain your contacts easily and cost effectively.

Modern video conferencing systems allow users to share documents and computer images with remote (distant) parties. If the videoconferencing is used in this way, it becomes part of the collaboration solution.

Video conferencing is not only used internationally, it uses a number of legal and consulting video conferencing systems to avoid billing for customers' travel time and more customer meetings over a given period of time.

There are many and many communications: this is the most complex form of videoconferencing, and is mostly related to room-based video conferencing technology. In this case, more than one party (more than 2) will be present at the conference, all visible and audible.

Why Use Video Conferencing?

Phone call or email is not always the best way to communicate with another person. Interactive meetings can help generate ideas and enable people to read and respond to others. sensitivity

Videoconferencing and meetings are usually much shorter since there is no travel. An appointment that can move away from work for four hours (traveling) can only take a couple of hours using a video conferencing . You can communicate regularly with people in other districts or countries that would normally be costly or impossible if you had to travel. Using Video% 20 Conferencing % 20 Tapes% 20money% 20as% 20it% 20Talks% 20% 20% 20expenses% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20Travelling% 20such% 20AS% 20meals % 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20a% 20%% 20%% 20%% 20%% 20% 20%% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20% 20project% 20 and% 20make% 20contributions.% 0D% 0A% 0D% 0 AMany% 20institutions% 20can% 20receive% 20A% 20same% 20broadcast% 20simultaneously% 20 and% 20thus% 20a% 20much% 20greater% 20level% 20of% 20participation% 20can% 20 BE% 20gained.% 20for% 20example,% 20a% 20lecture% 20being% 20broadcast% 20to% 20students% 20AT% 20many% 20different% 20educational% 20institutions% 0D% 0A% 0D% 0 How do% 20do% 20I% 20use% 20videoconferencing? % 0D% 0A% 0D% 0AV ideoconferencing% 20can% 20 BE% 20extremely% 20easy% 20to% 20use% 20A% 20most% 20recent% 20developments% 20have% 20been% 20with% 204% 20digit% 20dialling% 20opposed% 20to 20%% 20%% 20%% 20%% 20% 20% 20%% 20% 20%% 20%% 20% 20% 20% 20% % 20over% 20of% 20%% 20of% 20%% 20%% 20%% 20% 20%% 20% 20%% 20%% 20%% 20% 20% 20%% 20%% 20% 20%% 20% 20% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20Article% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20A% 20although% 20there% 20are% 20advanced% 20features% 20available% 20alapja% 20most% 20videoconferencing% 20systems% 20se% 20do% 20not% 20need% 20to% 20 BE% 20used% 20if% 20not% 20necessary% 20% 0D% 0A% 0D% 0A Mi% 20equipment% 20do% 20I% 20need?% 20 % 0D% 0A% 0D% 0AVideo% 20conferencing% 20systems% 20 &% 20equipment% 20vary% 20from% 20entry-level% 20systems% 20where% 20a% 20videoconferencing% 20unit% 20 (codec)% 20is% 20placed% 20alapia% 20top% 20of% 20a% 20TV% 20monitor,% 20through% 20to% 20advanced% 20> [19659011]

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