10 High communicators of the modern age

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What makes a great communicator? What separates them from others? What about their person or message that moves people and creates action?

Here is a list of 10 from the 20th and 21st Centuries that I would suggest to be a list of great communicators.

first Lombardi Vince . The Green Bay Packers' Hall of Fame football team coach team-mates followed the championship success and persevering pursuit. He often talked about the dignity of the hard, exhaustive labs to perfect their perfection. His players always knew where to stand for the team's goals and goals, specific plans to achieve these goals, and the effort they will need and remain champions.

2nd Winston Churchill . During the Second World War, the invasion and overload of the apparently invincible Nazi war machine was very dangerous in England. Churchill inspired his island not only with memorable, wonderful words, but with his stubborn determination and unmistakable courage to reject the Germans and successfully end the war. And finally, he won.

3rd Billy Graham . This Southern preacher has taken evangelical messages to the world's largest masses, in the most general sense. Dr. Graham talked and concerned millions of people, different cultures and religions, all ages and backgrounds. He was a friend and adviser to presidents and shields, and often provided a permanent, reassuring effect during the national tragedy.

4th Ronald Reagan . The 40th President of the United States often called the Great Communicator. A skilled actor, Reagan served as governor of California before he was looking for an electoral office. His mentality, humor and insight were applied on a large scale, and his personal charm did not play much in many legislative successes. "Mr. Gorbachev is breaking down this wall," one of his famous quotations.

5th Jack Welch . One is the industrial captain, General Electric's president and CEO, from a well-known company to make a record of revenue and profit growth. Welch's messages have made a complete reference to the need for continuous improvement and the successful Six Sigma initiative has been copied worldwide through many other business leaders across GE through other processes. When he met with the leaders he was brutally honest.

6th Martin Luther King, Jr. . Dr. King's clamorous message was the urgent necessity of nonviolent social change for the public consciousness of the American public, regardless of racial affiliation. Dr. King in 1963 "I have a dream" speech at Lincoln Memorial in one of the great speeches in American history. The ability to articulate minority desires for social and economic justice and the legitimacy of the cause became the decisive driving force of the 1960s civil rights movement.

7th Walter Cronkite . Cronkite is often described by CBS as the "most trusted man in America" ​​as CBS Evening News. From the forthcoming accounts of the JFK murder story to the annual description of the Vietnam War, Cronkite was one of the most important sources of everyday life for millions of Americans. "And that's right", his trademark appeared at the end of the news program.

8th Vin Scully . He was the Los Angeles Dodgers radio channel, sixty seven season playing-by-play. Scully is considered to be the greatest athlete of all time. Because of her voice, her acting talk, and her long mandate, many people felt that they were personally linked to her and the team she played.

ninth Oprah Winfrey . Some sources say the media icon Winfrey is the most influential member of the world. Self-development and self-help topics often characterize talk-show content, similarly to group therapy sessions. At many points in the history of life he overcame the difficulties and often faced many struggles of his programs in the midst of emotions.

10th Mrs. Margaret Davis . My wonderful high school teacher. Do not you have a memorable teacher who can be added to this list?

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