2 Types of communication skills that are "necessary" to be independent investigators

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Communication skills are an indispensable part of investigative work. To be successful, the detective must have and be thoroughly formulated both in verbal and written communication.

first Oral communication

These skills should be exercised regularly and consistently. Much of the communication is what the detective does every day. Regardless of whether you speak with a client or have a testimony, the investigator must be able to communicate in a clear and concise manner. The detective's verbal communication skills often mean that there is a need to distinguish between gathering information from witnesses or obtaining testimony. Many people are proud of being able to carry out a "verbal gymnastics" and often think they are mentally superior to investigators. The detective must be careful not to sacrifice the similarity by talking in a way that is considered higher than the client and / or the witness. Participation in such activities is not acceptable and can hinder the exchange of information strictly.

2nd Written Notice

A good detective must also be able to communicate effectively with his writing abilities. This communication is necessary for taking notes and reporting (case documentation). The detective can never have too much remarks, and the record should be a permanent part of the detective's daily activities. The documentation starts with the notebook in the detective pocket. From the moment that the detective arrives at the scene, records are key to his work through all aspects of the investigation. In order to properly document and subsequently provide information about the investigation, the detective must rely heavily on files. This may be painfully apparent if the investigator has to give a detailed examination of months or years after the initial investigation. Over time, the detective obviously forgets the facts or gets confused, without a meaningful incident, to refresh his memory.

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