3 Principles of Improving Human Relations

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Relationships between employees, supervisors and staff can be improved instantly. By following three simple principles, you can get more quality in your life and work in your relationships with others.

There are three principles that can be followed to strengthen relationships between employees, staff, and supervisors: Let's be quick to listen, talk slowly, and slow down your patience slower. Listening fast

Because we have two ears and one mouth, we were told to listen to at least twice as much as to speak. Unfortunately, most of us withdraw this and talk more than twice as much as we are listening! Listening to another person creates self-esteem because it shows the person you really care about. Listening, however, means more than listening to words. If we are good students, we need to use three earphones to hear the full message that we need to send, hear the words as they speak, but we must read (see) body language or nonverbal communication and feel the other person's emotions, including good listening to the ears, eyes and hearts, this is not easy, but in practice we can become "full students". There are two other important rules for good listening: stop talking and get rid of annoyance These two rules will focus our attention on the other person. so busy to think about what we will say, not to listen to what the other person says. It's not easy to get rid of the phone from interruptions, breaks, paperwork, and so on. this is a must for good listening, remember that student skills can be taught, listening well through the right training and exercises. If we are genuinely interested in people, our student habits will show. We must strive to develop our skills and concentrate on the other instead. Improving the direct link with employees and employees will be obvious. Slow talk.

Focusing on total listening, we can make breaks in the conversation to shape our thoughts and plan what we will say. This will improve our communication skills because our words really deal with ideas or points put forward by others. When it comes to talking, it is not unusual to say more than it is actually intended to cause harm to ourselves and other employees or supervisors. But the more we listen and encourage the conversation of others, the more we learn, and the more opportunities we get to improve human relationships with the self-esteem of others.


It is said that you should never lose your temper, unrealistic. If we are angry, the most important thing is to concentrate on behaviors rather than individuals – rather than "what has happened" instead of "who has done it". This way we can avoid the verbal attack of a worker or associate and the destruction of relationships. By focusing on behaviors we also improve relationships. Keep in mind that we lose our right to "go beyond the tantrums" when entering into leadership roles. Although this is not O.K. for an employee to have impatience or outbreak, can be tolerated. However, this can not be tolerated in the rank of leader.

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