3-Way Conference – 5 Things You Should Know Before Calling Up!

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In the MLM world, if you are in any time, I'm sure you've heard about the coveted three-way call … The three-way call has always been designed as a way to create third-party authentication. Your business will see much more real & # 39; after seeing it and figuring out there are a lot of people who are doing the same thing they do.

This would be a good example of inviting someone to your home for PBR or private business reception. Now you are certain that you are interested in your possibilities but do not know how much they will believe in what they are doing until they reach their PBR and see that there is a whole house with exciting enthusiasts who would also like to be more their lives. Okay, now that you know the purpose of three way calls … Talk to what you can expect when you start doing them.

1) Always make sure that your prospects look some form.

If you're making a three-way call, always try to make sure your prospects have seen the plan. What do I mean by seeing the plan? Make sure your guides have seen or heard of your product or business before you call it up. You need to listen to an emergency call, get to a PBR, go to a local meeting, view the presentation of the website, or even make a presentation in person personally.

If you try to make a three-way call and your prospects do not see anything about your business, you look desperate. You will look like a complete amateur and plan your prospects for not trusting yourself or your opportunities if you do so. Furthermore, upward work needs to work harder and more persuasive, because if they did not see the plan, they would have to explain the plan to them …. A NO NO!

The overall goal of networking is that a lot of people can work together a bit. If everyone had to explain the business, there would be no way of presenting our online websites. You want to make sure the teams follow the same system!

2.) Let him know upwards that you will call ….

Sometimes this may be a little complicated, and nowadays, many people are so busy working and caring for our children to have things come up. If you just call up the random look for a 3-way view on the queue the chances are quite high that you will not be able to reach the sponsor. This can be very unfavorable, especially if we are new to the program and have no answers or closing experiences. Therefore, always advise you in advance that you will need your services in advance.

3. Never ask the opportunity for a 3 – way …

Always remember that you have what your prospect wants and needs. It may not be technically the product but the dream of a lifestyle. Regardless of whether you are ever questioning the view, if you are 3-way. When you follow and ask what they like … if negative, leave them. If you have any questions, they just say, "That's a good question … keep it," then pick up the phone. It always comes from the potential situation with prospects, does not want to give them the opportunity to take control unless they are interested … and in no case at all.

4. Edit your upline ….

When you finally get the topline leader on your phone, you need to make sure you specify them in the build before turning the call. A good structure is about something like this:

"Prospect-Name" My (upline leader, business partner, driver, etc.) is on the line. We are so fortunate that we are able to contact this individual and will be able to answer all your questions for you. (Mr / Mrs Upline Manager) is a leading company in the company. (Name) is documented and knows all the facts. He loves to love people and have fun. (Name) is someone you really want to know …. (prospect) meet (upline leader) meet (prospect) – This is the reason for the construction to suit different personality types. People who like to know the facts, people who love to help others who like to have fun, etc.

Let's hope there's a way to crazy this procedure!


This is a self explanatory, after you introduce the two, just close. NEAR BE NEAR NEVER interrupt the top manager while talking with the viewer. If you cut off and break the top manager, it will adversely affect your credibility. Your prospect will feel that this person can not be as important as you have absorbed if you want to break them off. So do not forget … let the upline manager do his job to close the sale!

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