6 Guide to supporting a healthy communication climate

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I came from the big city and spent 12 years in a very remote fishing village. You can imagine how my communication skills have improved since I've been supporting the regional manager through the current MLM.

Behind the 8 balls I had to get to presentations, phone calls, and conversations to improve

Here are six guidelines I've studied in order to create a healthy communicational atmosphere

1) Accept my interpersonal communication course the responsibility to communicate in such a way as to actively enhance the mood of the relationship.

2) We accept and reinforce our prospects or friends by communicating to accept them, even though we do not always agree with them or feel the same way. ) Accept and strengthen ourselves, as fully as others. We test our own thoughts, feelings and needs, so we respect ourselves and as a result potential business partners will understand it better. [4] Announcing Independently to Raise Relationships and Advertisements Security with Existing Information

5) Realize that diversity in relationships is a source of personal and interpersonal growth that provides insight into the most impressive methods in which people establish and maintain various relationships.

6th Personal development and healthy relationships promote constructive criticism. When you respond to criticism, count down to ten before reacting, honestly seek more information, and consider at least careful consideration.


Descriptive Note: Without a judgment ruling.

Temporary: communicating with openness to others

Equal: eye contact, pleasing calm facial expressions and non verbal signs.

Spontaneously: honest, open and feel unwell, feels it is authentic and natural.

Empathic: Strengthens the merits of others and their concerns about their thoughts and feelings. Accepting Other People and Recognizing Perspectives

Problem oriented: focuses on finding responses that suit everyone. Our goal is to find a solution through cooperation and meeting the needs of everyone. This reduces conflicts and leaves the communication line open, emphasizing the importance of communication between communicators.


Evaluation: psychologically unsafe when judging targets

Uncertainty: Absolute and often dogmatic or a correct answer, view or action

Superiority: Need for the first, better, over others.

Strategies: they are less important in our minds, using strategies to control us.

Control: Trying To Manipulate Others – Controlling Person Thinks He Has More Power, Rights, or Intelligence than Others

Neutrality: People are defending when others react in a neutral or disconnected way. Neutral people seem to move away from personal affairs and not look at others.

Simple words like confirmation, recognition, recognition, and approval will help me to get to know myself in communication with clients and prospective business partners. Good luck and do not forget to build real-life interpersonal skills with real people outside the computer world!

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