7 Tips for Effective Communication Skills

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The Enemy of the clear language is the Enemy. If there is a gap between the real and one of the designated targets, it turns out to be a coincidence of long words and exhausted idioms like a squid squid. George Orwell

Would you have wished you would have said better? Wished you could tell what it means and what you mean? How did they not understand what you mean? I was there and wanted to share with you what I learned to be more effective in communication, interviews, the Internet, blogging, and so on.

first rule: You know what the stake is: Why are you talking to people? What do you want out of this? Show me what you want to communicate. What's your purpose? Who are you talking to? Complete a scenario to plan your strategy and then communicate in a convincing way.

2nd Rule: Determine Your Terms: Why Do You Talk With People? What do you want to do? Show me what you want to communicate. What is the purpose. Who are you talking to? Write a script to plan your strategy. Talk in a convincing way.

3rd rule: You are the expert: Remind yourself that no one knows more about your company than you are. For example, you should be asked to talk about the chambers and you are a bit nervous. Remind yourself that you are the only one who shares the information with your business. Make your own data, I can divide it much more

4. Rule The interview is not a conversation. When answering questions. You do not want to argue. You want the reporter to pick up the positive answers. Ask yourself the question, "What kind of impression do I want to do," then respond in a positive, high energy way.

5th Rule Understanding the Environment. It will be like this. Will you be on the phone in a business office before a customer? If this is your phone and you feel better to stand up talk, go ahead if you need to move your hand while you are talking, go ahead. Whatever makes it more comfortable.

If you are standing in front of a camera, first exercise in front of a camera. This will give you the necessary training.

Rule # 6 Positive attitude: Did you know that 93% of communication comes from body language? The first picture is what people remember. So there is a positive attitude. Try to relax, but you are interested and friendly.

7th rule Answers are more important than questions: Why is the answer to the questions more important? Let's respond positively, responding. If you prepare for the first time, you can go to where you need to go with your message.

I hope I've given you ideas and tips to help you communicate more effectively.

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