A true definition of communication

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This title may seem basic; However, I can assure you that not. The fact that most people do not communicate effectively; so they do not really understand the definition of communication .

This article aims to provide more detailed definition and understanding. The purpose of this is to communicate more effectively using appropriate tools and / or resources.

By definition, communication means the mutual transmission and / or exchange of information and / or ideas. From this point of view, effective communication ensures that they provide and / or exchange information and / or ideas, or not only communicate clearly, but also all parties to the communication.

is responsible for what you say and can be accountable for his actions. This is the ideal and high point for effective communication.

As one of my teachers claims, and I really came to experience and believe. " The quality of communication is the same as the quality of your life ."

To the extent that you can convey your messages, understand yours and others' views, the results you want to achieve reflect this purity. Like diamonds, not all stones are as clean.

To this end, it is important to understand the true meaning of effective communication and to make it essential that you first understand the true meaning of communication

First, understand that about 75% of waking hours or the more we spend on the following four things: reading, writing, speaking and listening. All these forms of communication

We need to determine what it means to communicate effectively in these ways

There are things about writing or speaking that you need to know and assume responsibility for, or you are the initiator in this case. First you must strive to take full responsibility in your writings or sentences and in the light of communication. This means that if the message is misinterpreted, you can not blame the recipient of the message, but accept the burden on which the message becomes clear. You certainly can not expect someone else to think, or you will know what you are saying, penetrating them as you wish; but you can easily rephrase or clarify the situation of humility to see how better the message is presented to the recipient (s) to get the picture you want to paint.

The point is that the message of the message is clear and not entirely in the way you want to read or hear, but to those who are about to send the message. The goal is to make sure they understand why they are, not you. Second if something is expected of the recipient of the message, it is your responsibility to communicate with them a certain point of communication. In other words, you must provide a call to action. If not, you can not be nervous or frustrated if you do not answer or respond as you would expect.

Here's a quick guide to follow when the initiator of communication is:

  1. Tell them what you will tell them
  2. Tell them
  3. Tell them what you told them

This messaging method allows a lot more people to understand your message much faster and more fully.

For reading or silence, there are certain things you should know about taking responsibility when you are the recipient in such cases. First is willing to read or listen without the preconceived notions. I know this can be very difficult in some cases; however, practice will certainly increase the efficiency of communication. Individuals who really understand these relentless communication practices.

As the recipient of communication, our ultimate goal remains that we are open, willing, and only strive to understand what we are reading or saying. Only then will we formulate our opinions, feedback or advice, depending on what we ask or say. We are really reading and listening to a true and credible answer. Second must continue to count on any call for action once you have accepted it. Thus the scope of communication was established and effective; only if each participant accepts the responsibility and is liable for the charges contained therein.

It's no question that you can immediately repair the efficiency of communication as soon as you start implementing them. This is a real definition of communication.

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