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Video conferencing is a highly technical, highly complex technology that is easy and user-friendly from the ground up. Even though videoconferencing has only become a viable medium in recent years, it is an attractive option when communicating with friends, family members, co-workers, and clients. Despite simplicity, there are many things you can do – or you can not – to provide a great virtual meeting

. Give and ask – questions and answers – the cornerstone of communication. Video conferencing prevents everyone from being in front of you. This is especially obvious when you ask questions as it is sometimes difficult for participants to know who they are talking to. Make sure you name a person at the beginning of the question.

2. The problem with virtual meetings is the mute button. Muting buttons are essential for an orderly and quiet meeting and their use should be encouraged. However, they can slow down Q & A sessions, especially improvised ones. If you ask someone, make sure you give them a few seconds to respond. This will allow them to withdraw themselves.

3. Separating everyone is difficult to agree. She asks people to raise their hands if they agree, it just works at smaller video conferencing, where every man has a window. For bigger calls or several meeting rooms it is impossible to get exact answers. Reduce your questions to get the least response. For example, do not ask if everyone understands it; ask who you do not understand.

4. Video conferencing technology is hi-tech, but it just means it does what it says. Loudness or loudness is not only annoying, but also inexperience with virtual meeting technology. Talk in normal tone. Do not worry, they will hear.

5. If you can not help but worry that people do not hear, test your voice first. Get the participants to introduce themselves at the beginning of the conference. Not only does this help to break the ice, but also allows you to hear the volume and sound quality. If you are still worried about your own outcomes, simply ask someone if they are well-heard.

6. It may seem contradictory, but you should not often look at screen people, especially when you're dealing with them. The best place to talk right into the lens of the camera. Participants are given the impression that they are looking directly at them. This creates a much more reliable and popular experience between them and you.

7. If you've done the right thing, you know exactly how far you can move in front of the camera. To reach the "mark", help your mouse as an anchor point. Hold the mouse, of course, while setting the camera. Then when you move back and forth, pay attention that your arm will bend or straight out. If you are alive, you will be able to keep yourself on the screen without taking care of yourself.

8. Unless you've cut between $ 50,000 and $ 150,000 for video conferencing, there will not be a completely straight, indistinguishable real video. So, you have to work within the limits of both your equipment and bandwidth. The most important thing to remember is that keeping the gestures small and moving slower than normal. A little attention to this detail minimizes dazzling effects.

9. His dress tells you a lot, but some of the dresses are called out loud by videoconferencing. To give the best view, try to wear clear pastels and silent colors. Light, loud colors can complicate the screen. Do not use light or dark colors to avoid white balance or contrast. Busy patterns can also be avoided.

10. While your dress tells the participants about you, the place where you chose the conference. In addition to being obvious that things on your desk and in the back of the screen impress the participants, they may be damaging to the quality of the video. Try a clean or bare background with neutral colors. Keep all the areas on the camera clean and silent. It will not only look better on the screen but also tell you how it works.

Videoconferencing is a great way to save money, time and energy while still doing more or more work than before. They are hi-tech and worth a lot of "cool" points in the business world. When you make time and planning, your video conferencing can be like technology itself: it's complicated, yet smooth and cutting-edge.

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