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People wake up. This is the 21st Century!

Audio conferencing is a new technology for renaissance, especially for medium and small businesses. Teleconferencing has traditionally been a domain of Fortune 500 companies for a simple reason – Ma Bell has handled large customer support at a large number of customer service. The services offered were minimal – one phone number and PIN and some basic handset. After the breakup of AT & T, Baby Bells copied these services and spent little on R & D improvements.

This was the time when entrepreneurial companies flipped their fingers and began introducing Web 2.0 audio conferencing with new productivity features. You really do not have to give up on the past old exhausting services of the past. You can do better. Here is a list of the things that new web 2.0 audio conferencing providers offer.

1. Web Console

Directly manage calls and your account from the Internet. This feature replaces the frenzied calls with the keypad and prevents the call from infiltrating from one provider to another. Be careful. Some old-fashioned manufacturers try to take photos of their photos by adding some websites to their sites. What separates men from the boys is whether you can actually handle the call on the web console. If you can not, search for a new provider.

2. Conference Call

Security Not all conference calls are the same. Some do not require privacy, others. You have the option to provide options and provide new services. For example, call barring prevents new participants from joining the call if everyone is present. One of the major security issues associated with the same old-time services is that the PIN code becomes secure with time. Unauthorized persons will receive it. This means that the interveners can secretly listen to it. Call locking helps prevent this. Multiple PINs

New features allow you to handle as many PINs as you want in your account. There have been days when there is only one PIN. For example, you can assign separate PINs to each stakeholder group, such as the Board of Directors, staff, sales, engineering, etc. So the knowledge you need needs to keep conversations, and Joe can not get into the engineering work about the R & D guidelines.

4. Call Now / Star * 1 / Invite Now

Conference Call Setup was tiring. One has to enter the PIN and the dialing number, contact the participants after a while and wait for the call at the time of the call and invite more people to the page after the call is started. This is a hassle. Web 2.0 audio conferencing automates these processes. Call now allows you to select a list and tap Call now. Voila! Everyone is on the call. No PIN code. No dialing number. Star * 1 allows you to record new participants after a call without interrupting a call. Invite Now automates the date and date of the participant's notice. If all services are not included with the service provider, search for a new service provider.

Audio conferencing calls are technically advanced behind the scenes, with features such as noise suppression, delay compensation and the like. Newer features include human response, group volume control and educational-related functions, such as the way it performs, excluding the participants except the participants. The presentation mode allows you to make a call as a host, for example, in an online classroom, then go to a presentation mode, so the call does not experience barking dogs, babies weeping, and eating snacks in the background. The frequent occurrence of such settings is that the wireless home phone has a dying battery that everyone can hear about the static state. The presentation mode eliminates such confusing background noise

If the current audio conference service provider does not offer all or most of the features listed above, they are not Web 2.0. What does that mean? The world of the phone is best with the best in the data world. They were different in the past. Audio conferencing is a rich environment that needs professionals; they do not call people who are dealing with web systems or data controllers who rely on VoIP phone technology. The web 2.0 audio conferencing service providers both work well. Find them.

Learn more about Google's "Web 2.0 Audio Conferencing".

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