Audioconference advice and etiquette

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Audio Conferencing refers to any situation in which more people can listen or participate in the audio section of the phone call. They can be designed in two ways. Or the person who organizes the call will call the other participants and add them to the call or the participants themselves call the conference.

This is done by calling a special type of equipment to a conference bridge or a specially designed phone number. As most companies themselves do not have conference facilities, they use a service provider for their conference. These service providers maintain the conference bridge and provide the phone numbers needed to access the conference call.

Businesses use day-to-day conference calls for remote meetings. They may be within the company or with parties outside the business. General use of audio conferencing for customer meetings, sales presentations, updates, project meetings and training. With a conference call, you can reduce travel costs and frequency and allow employees to stay in the office.

Audio conferencing is increasingly used with web conferencing. This allows you to add video or multimedia considerations to the meeting. In cases where audio conferencing is used to support presentations, this can be very valuable. Conference calls are also used by podcasts and social networks. This may seem like out of business, but many companies already use such features as marketing strategies.

If you are interested in using audio conferencing in your business, here are some tips for success:

– Make sure you understand the features you need for that call. Conference call providers offer a variety of options, such as call recording, tracking of callers, and multimedia services. You need to organize the proper functions that your call requires in advance.

– The organization is key. Make sure the audience knows when the call will take place, where to dial, and have a reasonable idea of ​​what you want to address. There is no meeting or performance like disorder.

– Use the conference call intelligently. Audio conferencing makes it possible to save time and money while increasing productivity by linking remote offices while minimizing travel. Design your calls to take advantage of the benefits.

– Avoid using mobile phones for audio conferencing. Signals and sound quality are not reliable enough and can cause problems for everyone. You should be able to hear and speak clearly on any mobile phone.

– Making a call. This ensures that everyone is present before you start.

– Remind the participants of your conference call to identify themselves before the conversation. On the phone it is difficult to distinguish the loudspeaker in the voice and there is no visual signal that will help. Speaking conversation avoids confusion.

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