Audioconference Technology 101

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Conference Call is a phone call event involving three or more people talking simultaneously. Due to the technical limits of three-way calls, the poor audio quality of speakers and the extremely high cost of organizing personal meetings, the conference industry has become a major business and is continuously growing steadily. So how does conference call technology work?

From the perspective of participants:
After inviting a conference call (usually an e-mail invitation), each participant dials the same number as the conference call host, conference. After dialing, the participant connects via a conference bridge that can simultaneously handle multiple calls. Available features such as call capture and participant queries are available depending on the type and sophistication of the software used by the conference company. Many conference calling companies offer a fascinating opportunity for conference calling functions that can be accessed at any time during the conference. After joining the bridge of the conference call, the participant must provide the password for security reasons.

From the Technology Perspective:
Many conference companies now use Voice over IP (VOIP) technology for conference calling services. VOIP is very similar to traditional analog telephone conferencing services, but the main difference between analog and VOIP technology is that data moves from one point to the next. Analog conference calls employ a circuit switching technology where each participant remains open and constant while the call continues, even if only one person speaks at one time. In contrast, VOIP networks use packet switching where a short connection opens only for a long time to send the packet (which is a small data packet) from one system to another. Contrary to analog systems that send data from switch to switch, VOIP network data is the most efficient way through the Internet. This digital technology ensures that customers get the cleanest, most trusted conference call service available in the industry.

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