Benefits of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

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The advantage of using an ISDN Internet connection is much greater than using an old dial-up service such as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). In ISDN dial-up connections, they almost think they are using a broadband connection, it's fast. If you use an internet connection that provides such a fast speed, you can do more separate things. Other benefits of using ISDN dial-up include the following:


Multiple digital channels mean that you can compress all channels and reach bandwidths up to 128 kb / s. This is due to the fact that the two B channels are all 64 kbps. In such a large bandwidth, it allows many things that were not available to standard modems, some of which:

  • Faster Connections, Direct Dialing or Line-Out
  • ISDN is also good for gaming
  • Video conferencing and broadcasting not interfering
  • Video conferencing can include multiple recipients


In the past, each device used requires a unique telephone line including telephone service, fax, computer, and live video conferencing. Everything has changed with the appearance of ISDN. Specifying various other features, such as:

  • Simultaneous forwarding of all services over the same ISDN line, ie making calls, receiving faxes and connecting to the Internet at once
  • Every service has a signal that works with the ISDN network multiple stories and fewer mistakes with multiple connections
  • Sound, data, and video do not disturb or disturb the quality of the service as data is sent to packets or groups

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