Benefits of telepresence

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In recent years, technology has been so advanced that companies no longer need their staff to meet in offices. The videoconferencing has been gathering people around the country for some time, but some people have complained of jerking computer screens, broken sound, and low light, making the new and better technology ever more popular.

Telepresence is a higher level of videoconferencing that allows people to feel as if they are present at the actual venue of the meeting. Technology can be taken over by more than one participant in a meeting, so how does it work? Each member of the meeting is the & # 39; which allows them to meet and talk to all the other members of the meeting as if they were all in the same room.

From a visual point of view, communication is intensified as participants can see each other's facial expressions and read each other's body language in real-time and in full resolution. The telepresence strategy first focuses on the human factor, pushing the normal characteristics of interpersonal communication closely together.

For example, the experience of unnatural headphones & # 39; often associated with traditional video conferencing, and replaced lifetime images with participants, fluid movements and accurate meats as well as proper eye contact.

Telepresence is applicable to a wide range of industries and is particularly suitable for businesses that need to communicate to people working in vulnerable areas that may be too dangerous for mining, military operations, and toxic atmospheres.

Telepresence conference rooms use state-of-the-art room plans, video cameras, displays, sound systems, and processors that all contribute to the experience of Telepresence.

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