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Fourth level communication is more risky, but payment is huge. At this level, we can be more easily offended, but we have a much deeper intimidation.

I'm beginning to say that I feel about things. The risk is that my feelings can be rejected. If I tell my wife that I feel depressed, she can say, "How did you feel that way?" Look at the house where we live, the car we drive, the way I cook food every day, meet your sexual needs, how can you be depressed? I canceled my feelings and refused myself. I may not share my feelings again. The opportunity to build intimacy through good communication has been lost.

On the other hand, if you say things like "I'm sorry you feel that way". confirms my feelings. You may not have an objective basis for depression, but that is not the question. The problem is that I feel at the moment and the answer makes it easy to talk to her. He has chosen to build intelligence.

Here are some of the feelings you feel or feel right now.

Lonely, beloved, betrayed, discouraged, insisted, encouraged, burned, sad, disappointed, romantic, happy, shy, angry, bored, extreme, peaceful, agonizing, cheating, confused, bad, bitchy, drowned, stupid, manipulated, pressed, lied, guilty, stumble, cheerful. "

These terms reveal our emotions and count how we feel about things." A woman complained to us that her husband did not feel "She would never let me know how she feels"

There are good the reason for sharing your relationship between your feelings when you hear the words "do not feel like this" or "every day every day every day" or "I thought you had forgiven me for a long time. beat? "he or she returns to first or two level communication and sees it becoming safer

This level has some complicating factors, and it is not uncommon for a husband and wife to feel the same feeling I may have enjoyed the concert but my wife If I allow her to tell me why I do not like it, without hurting her because she did not appreciate the evening after spending money on the tickets or asking me to enjoy it better to understand each other and build defective level intimacy.

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