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Macromedia Breeze Meeting is one of the most important elements of the web conferencing software arena. This article is in a series that describes the services of the major web conferencing software
which are currently on the market.

Let me first say that the functionality and features of the Breeze are too rich to be fully descriptive here and I will cover only some of the Breeze Meeting features to try to give you meaning what you can do with the package.

Meeting Rooms

The Breeze "Meeting Room", your virtual meeting place, is a long-lasting, fantastic way to say that meeting content – notes, presentations, and chat content are automatically saved to you. Meeting rooms may have a custom layout that is also automatically saved. By the way, Mac users, Breeze supports OS X 10.2 and 10.3.

Application and Desktop Sharing and Remote Control

Any web conferencing software worthy of the name includes the ability to share the apps with the other participants of the meeting on the desktop. A very powerful use of this technology is remote software installation. I wrote a previous article in the series to receive an application software update using the conference software. The latest version of Breeze includes improved desktop sharing, allowing participants to view shared presentations in fullscreen mode. In addition, the artist (meeting manager)
has synchronization of all participants screen. Product Remote Controls support full screen mode. If you do not know it yet, the remote control actually controls one computer's desktop – when I first looked at the screen on a screen, it seemed somewhat scary but I set it up quickly – it's a very powerful one.

Managing Participants

If you hold any online meeting, do not you want to keep track of who is / is not there and whether you know you're right to join? Breeze gives the presentation to see who's in the meeting and the relationship status. If the purpose of the meeting is the training, participation will take place for you.

Audio Conference Call Control

One-way web conferencing software provides the loud part of the meeting through a telephone conference call. Breeze now includes an external conference call within the application. You can dial the participants in the meeting, control the mute / set-up function
(if you're a bit too talked about), you will still be able to drop the participants if you need too (too much of an oral person!). In addition, the controls for recording the meeting are part of the interface.

Microsoft Outlook Integration

Breeze is now integrated with Microsoft Outlook. Anyone who works in an office environment (and overwhelmed with meetings) appreciates this feature. You can design
Breeze appointments and invite participants directly to the familiar Outlook environment. Users can even join the Breeze meeting from the Outlook calendar.

Multipole Video

One aspect of web conferencing often not to be provided is the visual presence of participants. Breeze now provides improved multi-point video recording – which means that multiple users are eligible for video footage from webcams. I suspect it will soon appear that video input will become more common in all web conferencing.

Tablet painting, participant queries, participant permissions, and moderated Q & A sessions are among the other Breeze services that can not be covered here.

The last is very interesting about Breeze running under Flash that is already installed on most computers, so everyone can access Breeze Meetings without installing additional software.

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