Business Communication – the Benefits of Face to Face Contact

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We communicate with our colleagues and customers through all kinds of electronic communication in our business communications. But neither was as effective as the face.

The purpose of communication, but in particular the purpose of business communication, is to ensure that the other person understands the message or information they provide and processes and takes effective action.

Face to Face communication allows all communication tools – verbal and non-verbal – to effectively share your message and ensure that the other person understands and understands what to share or ask them.

The Face to Face connection allows us to see how the other person responds and how to change how we or we communicate to make it easier for another person to understand what we are talking about or to buy it, what we are talking about.

Electronic communication means that most of the communication process is lost. By phone or email, the other person can not see your facial expressions or gestures. In written communication, like e-mail, they can not hear their voice. All that we communicate is lost.

Face-to-face contact lets you communicate your voice, your facial expressions, your body language, and eye contact to further transmit your message and voice.

And you can set what and what you say, what you see and hear about the person you are talking to. If you see the focus removal, you know that they will not handle the message again. If you experience confusion on your face, you can explain it further.

While the phone and e-mail are an excellent communication tool, they do not work almost as much as face to face. If you have a sensitive message or technical message, or want to find an employee or friend, personal communication will provide the best results.

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