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One of the real obstacles to care for the elderly is lack of communication. It is important to always express ourselves clearly and to allow them the same thing. Here are some tips to improve your communication skills with the elderly.

Keep your sentences short and concise when caring for the elderly. Ask simple questions and wait for the answer before heading to the next topic. You have to give them time to process and formulate the answers. Define your vocabulary and stay on a subject, at one time in one sentence. Be sure to send a mixed message or use slang, which is not necessarily understood. Always bring attention to the focus of attention. Now is not the time to download your problems for the old one. Start conversations with the chit chatter of your time and day. Be light, gentle, general, and discuss topics that will be familiar to them.

It is important that we understand their values ​​when we care for the elderly. This is a good way to build trust. They need to know that they understand their values, struggle and identity. When this happens, the obstacles melt. Care provides an opportunity to embrace the elderly emotionally and work together to find the answer and harmony. Try to talk about positive memories and important people about their lives. Care is about making older people feel good and making connections. Find something positive that will increase your bond. Honor who he was and who he was. If past conflicts arise, confront them to dispel the unrest. Be extra sensitive about how to solve unresolved history. If you do this, you may be induced by your older nerves or get nervous. What happened in the past and people show their own perspective.

Finally, when he takes care of the elderly, always promoting open, sincere dialogue. Enable older people's feelings. Never try to suppress the things you want to talk about. This time is usually full of reflection and new understanding, and the older one would probably want to talk to him. That you are someone.

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