Career Change From Journalism to Public Relations – Research, Communication Skills Easy Transfer

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As the economy presses news editors, reporters and producers into a new career, many people appear in the PR area. Apart from the initial hesitation that "going to the dark side," it may be a smooth slip from one form of information to another.

This was my experience that I had edited New York, New Jersey and Michigan desks for three decades – my variant of my route had many others succeeded. "Since I was younger I have been admitted to the first PR position because of my journalism experience and I know many others who have achieved a successful transition," says Christopher Trela, an independent expert at Costa Mesa, Calif.

. But a veteran PR manager in Washington, he feels, is usually poorly prepared for the profession. Richard Mintz, the owner and managing director of The Harbor Group in Washington, has a bold red flag for PR aspirants who have had their first career line and five W's.

"Journalists are by no means a major concern that people are more objective rather than misleading," said Jeffrey Goldberg, an Atlanta blogger in January 2010. "You're working alone and do not have business experience."

the main journalism The Great Journalism Exodus points exactly three points based on my background and other emigration of press rooms. The overlapping between the two spaces is galactic, "says Jill Parker Landsman, who has been reporting seven years of report and editorial experience at the North Virginia Association's Realtors Communications Director.

Direct Business Management Know-How is not usually a telling device This is not to say that journalists are undoubtedly aware of management, marketing and the bottom line – questions of their lives and their deaths in their industry. As Goldberg notes at the beginning of his post: "My friends in the PR business … say to overwhelm the journalists' wishes to escape before they die, as opposed to his death. "

Journalists like rigid, objective and lonely do not describe professionals who are flexible, approach, and team-mate. While equitable equity is the goal, journalism is subjective needs to make a decision about topics, sources, word choices, selection and delivery order. Reporters and editors work closely with photographers, graphic artists, page planners, and online producers – the newsroom version of account management groups.

Mintz seems to ignore or overestimate the reflexes that accompany the intelligence experience

my company makes better choices about stories, ground coverage, and format publications that capture journalists' attention " "says Ed Garsten, the electronic communications manager who joined Chrysler in 2005 after the last 30 years of journalism." My colleagues often come to me and ask, "Will the journalists take this?" This entitles them to be honest let me …. they fit very well. He worked for CNN, AP and Detroit News.

Aletta Walther, San Clemente's Marketing Communications Adviser, knows the bias against journalists among some executives. "I had a PR friend, an agency vice president, tell me he would never hire a newspaper," he recalls. "During the next breath, he asked me whether I was available to present a new business proposal, I never told him I was a tough journalist at the same time."

Steven Forsythe, Peachtree City, Ga. For corporate communications over 30 years ago – and still has a lively memory like reality checks. "Many PR men would have been astonished to see the comments they made on our own releases or photos, have been put on a news release to laugh, I tried to make sure that it never happens to me," says Global Aviation in San Diego, CEO Tom Gable's report "Many Fantastic Talents", the Los Angeles Times, the San Diego Union Tribune, and other West Coast papers. "It's just a factor for journalists," says Gable, the city's daily business editor. "Compared to writing and story-telling skills, they would be more likely to evaluate credibility as they were able to explain to a client that the story they thought was on the first page of WSJ would probably contain only 19459008 new product information."

Another Californian journalist and editor, Michele M. Horaney, says "The horoscope, a communications director at a nonprofit political research institute in Berkeley adds:" It can be written and searched in a "news" and "Invaluable to the public's interest."

Of course "The relocation of career paths may be a hindrance first." It is hard for journalists to learn to write on someone else's voice, "says veteran Retha Lindsey Fieldin, senior communications officer at nonprofit Austin, Texas." You do not feel good at first. "[19659002] Bev Carlson, Nebr Assa Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), a former television broadcaster, knows that "many of the early news-minded staffs who have moved to a very successful audience relationship all depend on people and their willingness to be flexible and learn. "Carlson adds from Omaha:" The former journalists play a prominent role in the research aspect of compiling a PR strategy, and as journalists – the good – innate training is fast for everyone, the learning curve does not have to be painful for other aspects of work be. "

Regarding the corrective pains, Garsten acknowledges with Chrysler that he is" still unable to withstand the disturbing pace of decision-making "beyond the deadlines at all times. Overall, these career-makers are proud of something that I value: clear, accurate and provide timely information to the public. Content naturally differs, but challenges resemble journalism.

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