Communication barriers: simplifying the communication process

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The communication process is far more difficult than a person thinks. Unfortunately, a rapporteur often does not realize that their message is lost until it is too late and they have gone through an entire meeting / lecture that they are discussing with something that their colleagues / audiences are completely meaningless. Here are some useful questions you should ask before sending a message to a large audience.

Communication barriers can be categorized into the following categories: Presumed Self-Assumptions – Is There Something? Is it safe to make suggestions? Do I really want to share the information? Do others really understand? How does communication affect my self-esteem? The behavior of the message yourself – Is the information valuable? Do I see the information correctly or do I understand enough to describe it to others? Organized? Am I happy with what I say? Can I keep eye contact? Understanding Buyers' Response – Do I Know if Buyer Really Is Understanding? Or in other words, can I "perceive" certain concepts or reactions from the host, whether we communicate or not? Do I know the customer's needs? interests

Communication is easy to simplify. All you have to do is know the main causes of communication errors and detect them as they happen. Typically, people involved in communication breakdown are either (a) fully aware that communication has failed and is the result of this misunderstanding; or (b) is painfully aware of a block of communication – or in complete disagreement – and was not disappointed with the reasons. In both cases, people are unable to handle or remedy the problem. Keep in mind that the expert communicator learns not only about detecting communication barriers, but also about preparing them and applying an appropriate solution to overcoming them

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