Communication is the key in hairdressing

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Over the years I've known many hairdressing styles and work has been the least varied.

I've seen a small salon in the countryside, a fashion stylist in a big city here in the UK and abroad

One of the most important stylist parts is the ability to communicate effectively

Understanding the needs and needs of customers plays an important role playing in the communication skills required by the good hairdresser, but this is not what I call communication as the "key in the hairdresser".

When you've decided on your client's appearance and explained how the cut is done, what techniques should be used, and if the hair becomes part of all appearances, it starts chatting and is part of the communication that I want to talk about.

Ask a customer to go on vacation or leave the first "Ice Breake" tonight, but getting a real conversation is key to making a lasting relationship with the customer

Try to get real acquainted with your customer and they are really interested in what they are doing, they are surprised at the experience they are gaining from different customers and they can get to know their hobbies or interests amazingly. Let the client "run" with their conversation, sometimes difficult but do not fall into the trap, when he says, "This has happened to me" and raised the conversation.

Conversation should always speak about them, that's important, remember, a boring person is someone who always speaks to you.

, but with the risk of repeating myself, I once spent a lot of money advertising and tried my friends and everyone I knew it was only partially worked, but after I made my clients with my friends, this was the biggest difference between my client and strength, sometimes weeks before the customer could come in with me.

I think it's important to work as a hairdresser and keep trying to improve them, but remember to improve communication skills, this can be the most financially beneficial area with a strong customer base to help you fill your time and consolidate it for the coming years your earnings.

Enjoy the hairdressing salon.

John Mcloughlin

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