Communication quiz: Are you a great communicator?

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Communication, which occupies about 70% of our waking hours, many leaders find the most frustrating. The fact that most of us have never been taught how to communicate in a way that results in the desired results will continue to experience frustration, resistance, conflicts or breakdown. Think of a recent important conversation. How many such questions can you answer Yes?

  1. Have I taken full responsibility for the message you hear from another person? (Remember, no matter what you say, it only matters what the other person is hearing.)
  2. Do I respect the other person's point of view? (Was there any reaction to what they said, which prevented me from listening to a complete message?)
  3. Did the other person feel that they heard and understood it? (Did I Allow It?)
  4. If I were to ask someone to do specific action, did I clarify my request?
  5. Did I mean the way the other person understood it? (In their communication style).
  6. Did I obviously communicate with prejudices, expectations, and judgments? (Did I feel that I'm right?)
  7. Did the other person leave the conversation with a good feeling – somewhat?
  8. Did I leave the conversation with a good feeling? 19659010] Did I keep track of whether the conversation was successful – led to the desired results?
  9. If the outcome of the conversation did not meet your expectations, I found out what I could fix a certain person?

So how did you get the score?

8-10 Yeses indicates that you are the peaks. Continue doing a good job.

4-7 ​​Yes, it's okay.

There are four ways you can be a better communicator and leader:

Less conversations and hear more

I want to hear and listen but do not always focus listening to others. We put more on our agenda than the thoughts, concerns or problems of the other person.

Do not assume others who are mind readers.

We want some action or answer from another person. However, we do not allow them what we want or how to achieve it. Before you know that the other knows what you want to do first, then ask for feedback. Take the time forward so that you can achieve better running later.

Do not shoot the messenger.

We want to understand, but the ability to understand is perceived by the person speaking or the outcome they want to achieve. So we often condemn the speaker and ignore the message. Focus on the message, not the messenger.

Join the Force.

We would like to accept and agree with others so that we often consume it if you are right or have to prove our essence. We support the agenda. Instead, stop, watch and listen to the mutual understanding area. Then work together to bring together more results together.

The next time you are in an important conversation, pause for a moment your mental and verbal tape recorder. Then start to really listen. It's amazing what you will discover. Perhaps information that can lead to your business and business success

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