Communication Skills – 10 Methods to improve communication with your relationship

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Communication is one of the main building blocks of the relationship, whether verbal or non-verbal communication. Do you remember a time when things were tough in your relationships? I accepted that communication with the partner is severely affected if not completely blocked. This article provides only 10 tips for improving communication. Try them before they get tough!

first Tip: Give Time to Conversation

One of the first recommendations is couples with counseling couples to spend individual times each day. Take time to let every partner share what's important to his mind.

Tip # 2: Listen to it and listen to what your partner says

When your partner needs to talk, it's your job to simply listen. Keep yourself from trying to find what it says as time is right. Partnered will feel that it will not be shown fully. Listen to what you want to listen to. [#19659002] # 3 Solution: Silence Does not Offer Solution

Meeting with solutions is more a man's tendency, though women are good as a tool they deal with. Wait for the partner to ask: What do you think? & # 39; or what do you think I should do now? & # 39;

4th Tip: Call your partner during the day to talk

It looks like this is a small thing, but it's so effective and important: if your partner knows what's going to happen to you. A simple five minute phone call sends more than you need.

Tip # 5: Write Notes, SMS or E-mails If Other Communication Channels Are Not Available

Even if you do not have time for a phone call, you can always write a very short message: "I Think about You" or " but "#. Again, like the phone call, more than the message you write.

6th Tip: You are absent from receiving calls when you are a partner

When you spend time, quietly turn on your mobile phone and minimize other interruptions. This is about you and your partner, not anyone else. Priority is like a business meeting.

Tip # 7: Let's Look At Each Other's Eye

The eyes are the windows of the soul – so if you really want to divide each other from the soul into the soul, use the access point like this. Intimacy also looks at each other's eyes, and this communication is about intimacy with each other.

Tip # 8: Do not Forget – Ask Questions

Once you've been in touch with each other, you may be trapped if you suspect you have not said anything yet. Ask questions more. You may have heard what it means to "denotes" Pick up only the first three letters and say that "u & # 39; and I.

ninth Tip: Make it Clear, Honest and Open

If you want to improve your relationship, improve your ability to be clear, honest, and open. Answer your partner's questions without becoming defensive.

Tip # 10: Showing Thanksgiving and Recognition

Great thanks to the time spent: "I'm really happy to catch up on today's hearing" or "Thank you for sharing this with me" is an easy way to recognize each other – this is the communication, ultimately the whole.

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