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Do you want to keep an unforgettable success that can bring you more happiness, will help you become more effective in your work, allow you to earn more money and perform better? Is sound too good to be true? The secret … exploiting the communication skills! This secret can help improve performance, relationships and achieve happiness and fulfillment.

Four Tips for Improving Communication …

1. LISTENING. A wise man once told me that we have two ears and one mouth to listen to twice as much as we are talking about. It attracted my attention. It looks so simple, but how many times do you talk and listen? The mind at the next meeting, your client, project, dinner, kids or perhaps just busy thinking is the next thing you will say when the loudspeaker takes the air. In any case silence is an ability that can be improved.

Ask yourself: Listen twice as much as I am talking about? Should I improve my student's skills?

2nd HE IS SUCCESSFUL. Even in situations where communication can be cumbersome, respecting the other person allows an open and constructive exchange of opinions and ideas.

Ask yourself: am I honored to communicate with others?

3rd ASK FOR RATHER THAT REACT. Take care of your emotions. If the speaker is talking, it triggers an emotional reaction in you, pay special attention to the intent and full significance of your words. When we are angry, scared or nervous, we often miss the critical parts that are being told. Slowly do not understand, criticize, or argue. Even if they disagree, let them have their point of view. If you answer in a way that protects the other person, even if you "win" the argument, you may lose something much more valuable.

Ask yourself: Do I answer rather than answer?

4th REPAIR COMMUNICATION SKILLS. If you find yourself able to express your thoughts efficiently with your staff, customers, partner, or family, you might want to work with a professional who can help you clarify and improve your language so that you can better express yourself.

Ask yourself: who should help me improve my communication skills?

Think of it …

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Fun Facts: We listen to 125-250 words per minute, but 1000-3000 words per minute.

Quotable Quotes

"Listening is a magnetic and weird thing, creative power." Our friends who are listening to us are those to whom we are heading. ~ Karl Menninger

"Take the opportunity to practice your communication skills when important events occur, giving gifts, styles, sharpness, clarity, and emotions to other people." ~ Jim Rohn

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