Communication Skills and Law of Attraction

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Did you have a room where you were strangers? Presentation of behavior and low-speaking art naturally comes to some people, but there are some who are ashamed, embarrassed, and do not know how the type started. There are four types of communication: small talk, fact finding, shared views and opinions, and personal opinions.

first Small Talk

The newest relationship is the safest way to talk about current topics. For example, write a comment about bad weather, recent events, or your environment.

It's called a small talk and the "size" is set up by the other person to decide on the level of connection between the two. The first meeting does not require personal information, which is just an interaction to learn how to "safe" at the first meeting.

If we feel good about each other, we can move to the next communication stage: actual disclosure

2. Factual Disclosure

This is a bit deeper than the little talk that informs you about yourself without involving emotions.

The purpose of disclosing facts is to find out if there is anything in common. You can use shared funds to develop friendships. You can talk about your carrier, your hobbies, and your location.

3rd Share your views and opinions

Having determined that another person is "safe" during a "quiet" conversation and explores areas of similar interest, you can connect it by sharing your views and opinions

. you are open to objections and other people to look into. Only enter this level if the first two levels are comfortable and both share positive emotions.

You must also be prepared to listen to your opinion. This will put your friendship down.

Make sure you do not use your opinion of "killing a character" to another person because it can make friends feel that you are a negative person and convince your new friend to distance yourself from yourself.

4th Sharing personal feelings

After building trust, sharing things, taking the opinions and opinions of others, share your personal feelings. This is when a friend becomes a real friend.

Sharing deep things without fear. They both listen to each other. At this stage you need a little distance. Excess closeness leads to acidic relationships. If you know how to deal with your emotions and respect other people, you can build a successful friendship that lasts for a lifetime.

It was argued that the ability to communicate is in the application of the attraction law for you through clarity, ordering, and your way of communication that helps you live your life.

Good communication skills are needed to advance life. Even in terms of attraction or cosmic order, it is important if you need to clarify your order to the universe. In addition, people who communicate better usually get what they want in life and have the necessary charm to make things happen.

Blarney Stone is a historic stone that is part of the Castle of Blarney, Ireland, where they thought stone could give you the sacrifice. It seems strange in this age and day. But there are people and lots of people who believe in it.

So the better way to learn how to be an effective communicator is to know the closest person to ourselves. The law of attraction works better for you, if you do.

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