Communication Skills Learning Council # 99 – Expression of Emotional Freedom

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Why to express

Not to express what's in my head is like a crowded desk. My emotions get confused, I feel uncomfortable and feel uncomfortable over time. My body looks as if telling me something like getting rid of emotional turmoil. My demands for sincerity, communication, integrity and many other needs are not met by being accepted. My energy trajectory disappears. If I express myself to someone, especially if my needs are not met, I remove emotional disorder. Sometimes it can be scary, but it feels so good. Whatever I do, it's now open. Frankly.

Try this tip

Express yourself. Call someone to express himself. Be courageous, do it. See how you feel afterwards. Before expressing, set your intent, imagine yourself compassionately expressing self-confidence, blame, shame, guilt or fear. Let's do it with the intention of connecting, communicating with the other, and listening to both of us.


Please do not email your terms, either personally or by phone. E-mail does not work if you say your needs are met. I noticed that a number of personal wars were launched due to e-mail. So set your intent to express your needs / values ​​not met and ask the other person for help to meet your needs. You can open some wounds, but it may be necessary to close it. Make the expression with the other specific request that may match the default value.

When you call after 12 hours and I sleep
Feel: I'm interested
Need ] consideration
for my rest
] Request: Would you wait to call before the 8th day?

So, release the emotional disorder. It will be refreshing when the topic is open. The following website contains a Value / Needs List to help you identify that your needs are not met.

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