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I recently talked to a new immigrant to Toronto, who admitted she did not usually talk to people who are in the service industry for daily transactions. She was surprised at the recording, and of course she was looking for details, because while English was the second language, we just talked to her together. Not far from the beginner, and he has been studying and working in Toronto, where English is a common language. He said and quote, "This is the Toronto (multicultural) love – no one talks to each other."

I do not share my position and reasoning, but it's fair, let me explain it a bit further.

What you really say is that there are many accents and different English languages ​​here, and it is quite common to meet someone who does not have a great English language skills, but we are still able to buy our food by taxi, go to the corner store and have a big meal you eat. He feels he is fit and does not want to upset the boat. You do not have to put an emphasis on unnecessary English speech and forgive everything if you make a mistake.

I agree that people here or there do not have to focus on a mistake as they understand the essential thing comprehensively. But there was another message that he would give him.

Here's what I told her. It is not about accents or the level of language proficiency. It is about human-human communication skills. A person who is comfortable to smile, talk, read other people's emotions and body language, and so on. You are much better placed to be happier and more successful in this or any other city. Those with excellent communication skills are beyond the language skills. I'll tell you that again. Those with excellent (interpersonal) communication capabilities overcome the language. They are charming, witty, memorable, friendly, confident, attractive and have a positive effect on another (sometimes boring) day.

Think about your actions next time you buy something or run a daily order. Do you want people to be kind and friendly? Kind and friendly with them, no matter what?

In a last comment, I would like those living in cities who celebrate the Christmas season (regardless of religious background or belief) to notice that most people are more kind and friendly to each other this season, Boxing Day without buyers, of course! Ha ha …). Why is that?

Take a line from a famous christmas Christmas – "If everyday life was like Christmas, what a wonderful world it would be!"

Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays for Everyone!

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