Communication Skills – Ten Tips for More Effective Communication

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first If you are in contact with the other person, it means that you can make a positive relationship with another person that you need to address in different ways. This means they are willing to communicate with them.

2nd There are components of the relationship that make eye contact. It keeps in touch in a loose way, instead of creating a threatening threat that will make you look better from time to time and then contact again.

3rd Reflect and fit into body language, although this is first encountered in difficulty, you realize that when you copy the same posture and motions, the relationship will be bigger. The point is, we do this very tediously, not to create it and to be uncomfortable.

4th Make sure your body language is open because your body speaks your own language. Sitting with your arms folded and crossed legs give a negative message compared to the open body position.

5th Speak clearly because lack of understanding and bad communication simply happens because it is not simple to use simple words or ignore words. Obviously, you mean exactly what you want to say.

6th Say something positive before you get into a complaint or demand because people react better to compliments than insults and are likely to react to you when they first feel they appreciate something about them.

7th End the conversation with a positive statement, even if the switch between the others was more negative because the other person who remembered it long after he forgot the conversation was over.

8th Make sure you understand what they say to you because it is common for people to misunderstand each other. When your own agenda is in a position, you do not necessarily hear what you say and you can easily deduct the conclusions.

ninth Make sure they understand what they are asking for because they may not have heard. You may have heard the beginning of what you said, and you went to your own assumptions about what you asked them.

10th Summon the conversation at the end of the conversation, because it's easy to remember the end of the conversation and forget about it. When you summarize it, saying that we talked about it and that's what will happen now.

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