Communication Skills – "There" are Hazardous to Your Health – Improving Your Choices with 2 Words

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My communication skills will only be effective if my energy level is exhausted. Sometimes my energy does not reach the level to communicate with another. There are many reasons for this. It may only be physical (hunger), emotional (angry) or mental (only at home from work) fatigue, maybe I just need to fill my energy. I've been trying to communicate earlier in this state of being energy-driven, and communication quickly crashes and we lose contact and argue.

For ease of communication, I suggest you ask yourself some of these questions before communicating:

1. How did I feel now and what needs to be met through communication?
2. Do you now communicate "need" or "choose"?
3. Can this announcement wait until I energize again, satisfying her needs for care, relationships, and ease. etc?
4. Most importantly, if I hear the answer that I do not enjoy, can I stay with the other and listen without judgments?

So if you decide not to communicate, you will find a way to re-energize yourself, such as sleep, walking in block, meditation, stretching or yoga practice, self-reliance or empathy another. I swim in the ocean and this is the most favorite way to energize.

One of the fast ways to decide whether to communicate or not is this little practice. Training can give you energy and understanding. See the List of Life Values ​​at the following website.

1: Decide to communicate with this person because I value … (Your Values) Example:

1: decides to communicate with this person because I appreciate closure, understanding, and integrity
2: because I appreciate the rest of being present with them , and I'm too tired and peaceful communication. Try not to communicate when you are tired or angry. This is the time to re-create or recreate time for re-energizing.

Take the time and let the person know that you are planning to take care of yourself because they appreciate the relationship between each other. I'm sure you will understand and respect your time and place.

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