Communication with the Elderly: 3 Important Notes

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Communication with the elderly means more than words and feelings of hearing. We also use our vision, smell, tact, and above all our knowledge.

Communicating with the elderly may prove to be challenging, especially when we take into account the length of their mental and physical abilities.

It is therefore important that we learn how to effectively handle communication with the elderly – especially if you are a loved one, a relative or a friend with whom you want to keep and nourish the relationship. Here are three important rules that must be remembered: Step 1: Be Respected

Respect the value, background and life experiences of an elderly person. Do not try to personalize your own views or insist on correcting your opinion, even if you disagree with them.

You also have to respect their private lives if they leave their own. When the elderly talk, listen actively. Let them finish and do not try to interrupt them or cut them off.

When communicating with the elderly, it is important to express their thoughts and feelings. Also, you can always enjoy the lessons they borrow.

Step 2: be sensitive.

Sometimes the physical or mental state of the elderly is able to express their needs. More than their physical needs (eg Food, clothing, etc.), It is important to recall their emotional needs.

Listen to the saying and I did not say. Do they seem lonely? Do you feel you need a company? When they try to tell you they are chatting or silent.

If you feel you want to be silent, do not try to start the conversation or ask questions. Just being there, spending time with them is as important as talking to them or enjoying them.

Step 3: Patient.

Since communicating with the elderly can be difficult, it's important that you always be patient. When you talk or explain them, be patient when you ask to repeat yourself.

If it takes a while to finish what they are doing or say, they are silently waiting for them. Try to use gestures together with words, or describe what you want to say when needed. Use simple words and sentences.

While it may be difficult, effective communication with the elderly can be very rewarding. Being able to talk and understand your loved ones is always worth the effort in the twilight years.

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