Conference Center Planning

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Definition and design, the conference center must be a comprehensive facility to facilitate business meetings, planning works, day trips, lunches and receptions. Generally, business companies choose conference rooms when their meeting needs exceed their office space.

It is not an easy task for the conference center to ideally set up corporate meetings or special events. The development of a successful conference center depends on two key elements: business meeting and aesthetic and decorative elements simplification. Conference centers must be designed in accordance with International Conference Center (IACC) standards. Designed for small and large meetings.

Conference centers devoted to the production environment for small meetings should provide space for 25 to 75 people. The conference center occupies 700 to 800 square feet of space for up to 75 people. For more guests, the meeting rooms have an area of ​​20,000 square meters.

The conference center typically provides lobbying, guest rooms, meeting rooms and conference services. The conference center's guest rooms include desks, wireless high-speed Internet access, and adequate lighting and rest.

For the best meeting experience, conference facilities must be equipped with audiovisual equipment such as LCD projector, DVD player, large screen TV / VCR, microphone, overhead projector, slide projector and more. Fax machines, printers, scanners, wireless high-speed Internet access, multiple phone lines and copiers are also available.

For a successful conference room, the center is equipped with ergonomic chairs, tables, lighting and acoustics, etc. According to IACC standards, conference centers should provide professional support services and professionals to assist in planning and assist their clients in meeting the purpose of the meeting. Leisure facilities, such as swimming pools, bars and restaurants; dining options and parking facilities as a key element in building a successful conference hall.

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