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Nearly 60% of the respondents sought to increase their reliance on electronic devices instead of traveling …

The global recession has started to hit economic recession in many sectors of the economy. One remarkable exception was the conference industry. Many companies and private individuals struggling with reduced budgets, as well as increasing environmental awareness, conference organization has become not only useful but also a necessary tool for everyday business.

Looking ahead

And industry projections continue to look positive. After a recent study explored the growing use of web and video conferencing solutions as an alternative to traditional travel:

  • Nearly 60% of the respondents sought to increase travel instead of traveling by electronic means.
  • The introduction of conference services has had the greatest impact on reducing travel costs and hence meeting the revised budget expectations for them. Source: Travel Daily News

One of the industry's largest growth areas is in education. Wainhouse Reasearch has conducted a study on the use of web-based conference equipment and found that the installation of the tablet and related conference equipment will increase from 880 million in 2014 to more than 2 billion by 2014 and is only within the education and training area.

According to the study, growth is partly driven by added value and government investment initiatives. Source: tmcnet

Video conferencing is hot

Video conferencing also grows rapidly due to the emerging markets in India and China, as well as the need for greener and more cost-effective solutions. The market for video conferencing infrastructure reached 2 billion in 2008, and India contributed more and more to each year. Source: Conference News

China's growth is also noteworthy, some industry analysts predict that China's conference and cooperation will surpass North America by 2014. Source: telespan

Get Started

In sum, all types of organizations rely more on conference solutions than reducing costs and environmental impacts, increasing productivity, and introducing new ways of engaging audiences.

Source by SBOBET

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