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Videoconferencing is an alternative to meeting your organization's partners, colleagues, and clients. Video conferencing hardware and software are installed for bi-directional audio and video communication. Allow users to exchange live videos and pictures, split documents, and transfer files over the conference. Video conferencing is a basic requirement for a computer, a webcam, a microphone, and an Internet connection. The purpose of video conferencing hardware is to reduce the complexity of the user interface, increase performance to provide quality output, eliminate voice echo, provide better sound quality and reduce background noise.

Requires careful planning for hardware installation. The most important hardware requirements include cameras, projectors, multimedia monitors, electric trunks, sound system microphones and headsets, DVD and VCR players and recorders, additional audio visuals, wireless remote control panels and podiums

the camcorder, video game software must be installed. To do this, a camera is connected to the computer, places the program CD in the CD drive and clicks the installation hardware connection. A step-by-step installation procedure is available. Since a large part of the software is charged to the camera when you start the application, the camera must be turned on before the application starts. If the camera is properly inserted, the status light blinks green. This indicates that the camera is ready to upload the software. When the video app is started for the first time, account settings are displayed, user settings dialogs that are called wizards. Wizards can easily install the video. If necessary, click the help button during the initial setup. An explanation of the installation parameters is displayed on the screen. All settings in the initial setup screen can be easily changed. So you do not have to worry about something wrong with the initial installation.

To install the audio hardware, connect the headset to the computer's microphone. This will help you to receive phone calls during the conference. The rest of the procedure is the same as installing video hardware.

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