Do you want sales skills and viability?

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Every entrepreneur knows Sales = Income (TM). 95% of most businesses fail due to bad ideas, products, or services, but because the business or people can not sell, they do not know or deny how to sell or sell their sales skills .

This also means that more than 95% of most people are not enriched. This is because they do not have sales skills or abilities or trust to sell their ideas, dreams, plans, or even their brightness. Many people think that "selling" is a dirty word. Something reserved for a used car.

You can claim that "I'm not a salesperson". Egypt "This is not me." But I'll tell you that Sales = Income. Life = sales: physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. I am determined to find the arena in your life where there is some sales skill, high stake (in your mind) for strength, influence or action; Sales Skills Need Life Knowledge.

The thought "I will not sell." "It is not only inaccurate, but also weakening directly: the more you are able to put your trust in others and you can drive them to the concepts, the better you sell it, the better you drive, the more revenue you generate, and all kinds of income: wealth, money, trust, company, and even love where sales skills are created

This is true in your business, with your children, the other, and the others you associate with. : pubs, pubs, casinos, sports facilities, dressing rooms, conference rooms, dinning rooms, restaurants, kindergartens and especially children's mouths from the moment they were born until they left the house … everyone sells it and everyone needs some kind of sales to reach and prosper. [19659002] If you have to cope with your success in life requires the ability to master sales, communication, persuasion, and influence, only the world will beat the proverbial way to the door.

The biggest reason why life = sales is because the hardest and most important selling of all you are selling yourself. Sell ​​the "little voice" in your mind to act or not … to endure or not … to overcome the doubt or not. The game of life is won or lost in its own mind. We call it "Little Voice Management".

Think about it a bit … You need to know how you can attract an interest in "No" to "Yes", close and traceable. It never ends. Those who do well not only earn much money, but have many good friends, fantastic teams, great and loving relationships, happy and healthy bodies. They are able to sell themselves for the reasons to act … they are able to overcome the negative tones in their brains. This is the ultimate sale.
If you're still unsure of everything, consider selling for a minute. What is the purpose of the sale? Will win the fight of persuasion? Is someone else giving away his will? Maybe. But for me, it's a lot bigger than that.

The purpose of the sale is to get AGREED to receive the other person who agrees on the mutual point. Accept the hearing. Accept the cessation of fighting. I agree with you to take another look. Agreed to pause for a breath. Accept whatever is the next step.

The reason for this agreement is the acquisition of COOPERATION. To actually get the other party to join you in an active agreement with each other. & # 39; Creating a better conversation, taking on a larger task, knowing more about each other and our needs … at least to a common goal.

And the ultimate goal of cooperation is to create a SYNERGY. This is where the whole is unpredictably larger than the sum of the individual components or components. We're expanding the resources here before we sink. Where to work together to create a solution that is bigger than anything we've brought to the table individually.

The chance of magic is happening. If each individual's individual game level is higher than expected. Where mingled culination results in solutions, objects and resources, as you might have imagined before. This is called abundance.
So you see that selling is not only important but a source of true creation, development and innovation. It's called to create the future. Still, he starts with it. If you can sell yourself to agree with yourself to cooperate with your best designed plans, you can even bring results out of the ordinary, marketing skills are life skills.

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