Effective communication to increase your influence and productivity as a leader

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How effective do you think you are communicating with others? Have you met someone who did a completely different job than you did? How did he handle it? He talked to them and asked what else did the job than he was asking for? One way of avoiding such circumstances is to ensure that effective communication is used when you are aware of what you want people to understand what you expect.

We interact with others through a number of methods; such as words, writing, body language, and how we are listening. Listening is a skill, and when it is used to interacting with people, it helps to achieve successful conversations and achievements. However, let's go back to how to send a job to a team member or even a family member to get the job done according to your expectations. Many of us may have experienced someone who has finished working for us, resulting in our dissatisfaction with how it happened.

The following communication techniques can be useful when you speak or write correspondence to someone at work or at home:

Make it clear and concise according to our delegated responsibility and expectations. Be crystal clear when giving instructions. One way is to use simplified words and a language to discuss and discuss the outcome, making sure that you understand and create a vivid image. Do not forget to treat them as you want them to be courteous, attentive, grateful and understanding.

Avoid assumptions to avoid losing important requirements. In other words, do not leave space where the person performing the task assumes or assumes that they understand the task and what is expected. Make sure they are clear, allowing them to ask questions and answer all the questions.

Be encouraging and positive in your voice when you specifically send a message when there are requirements or expectations that you know may be inconvenient. Support and direct a person, if necessary, and make sure they have what is required to work.

Developing SMART goals is one of the ways to successfully complete the task. During the co-operation, both of us can discuss the task and the results in greater detail to make sure it agrees and that the task is feasible. As is known, SMART is the following:





Time Based

In addition to the above you want to make sure that all SMART targets are tracked, to keep up with how the person advances in advance and, if necessary, deals with any questions. Effective Communication at Work and Home

Effective communication is important for success by helping others to work or take responsibility. Ineffective and incorrect communication can cause various problems in both personal and professional life. Experiencing effective communication at work and at home is a significant asset for organizations and households to be productive. Having developed effective and positive co-operation, you must always be aware and work on how to practice your skills so that you do not go back to bad habits.

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